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I’ll never forget the care with which you dressed yourself, at the age of 9 for Grandy’s funeral. You loved your grandfather dearly, but you also loved to dress up in suits. You dove into your drawer to find every piece of Grandy you could find. Gold cufflinks, bow tie, his father’s medal from the war, handkerchief, cumber bun, and bow tie all carefully collected for an appropriate attire according to Ari. Having gazed upon your perfect reflection in the mirror, you had attained the confidence needed to accept the invitation to be a Pallbearer.

Uncle David so generously handed Grandy’s gold necklace with the ten commandments and horn cornicello given to him by his mother. You were ecstatic because not only did you love jewels and jewelry of any kind (so many pieces missing from my jewelry box), but you especially loved that necklace.


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