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At Rainbow Falls in Yosemite, you were maybe 4 years old.and already running up the hills like a mountain goat. The other boys looked on in amazed amusement. Some thought they wished they could climb so high so fast and other’s thought you were crazy to do so. But once you saw the height of the waterfall with all the older kids jumping with glee, you swam over to me and insisted you could do it. “Absolutely not” I insisted. You must have come to pester me 8 times before it finally occurred to me that you really might be able to do it. Having secured the assistance of an older responsible child to walk you to the top and watch your every move, I relented. With my heart in my throat and eyes glued to you, I could not have predicted the absolute joy on the face of my child with screams of “I did it!”as you emerged from the water.


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