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You had so many observations to make. At 2yrs. you were using complete sentences. “The sun won’t come down because the sun is stuck. The wind will help it to get out”. Looking at the dashboard of the car, seeing the defrost symbol; “That’s a beautiful Menorah!” In the toy catalog seeing golf clubs: “That’s a lot of vacuum cleaners!”. When describing a light flickering out: “The light is shivering”. After getting a blood test (very scared) while watching Beauty and the Beast: “Go away Gaston! I’ll give him a blood test!” On a walk you needed to pee. I leaned you forward to pee near a tree. Having remembered the I’m A Little Teapot song you said: “Tip me over and pour me out”. After watching a video tape on the TV, we went to the beach. You were running in place and when I asked what you were doing and you said "I'm rewinding!"

Walking past a very disheveled homeless man, following him pass with your eyes and mouth agape: “Mom, I just saw Moses!”


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