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The beginning of you, the first breath of your existence, every cell in my body became new with your newness.

I inhaled your breath and it has rearranged the direction and scope of my life.

It circulates within me, and it will stay with me for some unknown

reason, until some unknown time.

And we say "So many memories slip away!

Stay, Please stay!"

The moments, it's always the moments with you that changed us forever.

Here are just a few of the endless remembrances we hold on to.

But how can we convey that cozy warm feeling as you crawled into our bed for comfort as a little guy, or that roll of the eye when we got too close when you were a teenager? Our hysterical, funny little guy we called "Nut ball", "Doodle Bug", "Ariopolis" (I even made up a song for that name because you were so uniquely you). The way you had no problem expressing your feelings. You had so many words as young as 10 mo. old. From that moment on, you wanted to know about everything. You wanted the whole story. But that didn't mean you could always handle it. At 2 years old, Humpty Dumpty terrified you. We couldn't even open the book without you running screaming from the room.


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